About us

The CLRC is a project of the Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF), a 501(c)3 organization Running the Center is Molly Maddra, Director, and a wonderful group of volunteers.

Molly Maddra-Santiago is the Director of the CLRC.  Ms. Maddra- Santiago holds a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in Global Affairs from George Mason University. Molly has been with CLRC since its opening in 2011, first as training and education coordinator, becoming the Director in 2015. She is always looking for new ways to get workers involved in the community, from coordinating volunteer projects to helping workers share their stories. Her favorite project at the CLRC is the peer-led garden box project; workers always make the work fun. 

Marley Pulido is the Organizer of the CLRC. Originally from Havana, Cuba, Pulido holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Havana and a Certificate Courses in Social Development and Education and Citizenship. He has a diverse work experience, giving him the skills that he has been using in order to grow as an organizer. He is interested in sharing ideas and collaborating through the Center and in creating new projects by and for the community; focused on eliminating the wage theft and to gain more respect to the workers in the community; and interested in creating cultural and artistic spaces for the community members.

Terry Angelotti is the Executive Director of the Centreville Immigration Forum, which provides funding and direction for the Labor Resource Center. She has experience in community development, issue-based advocacy relating to poverty issues, administration of grant programs and program management. Angelotti was a founding member of the CIF Board of Directors and chaired the Finance/Fundraising Committee before being hired as Executive Director. She has volunteer experience in fundraising for other non-profits and schools, and has served on a variety of non-profit boards and committees. She holds a BA in Politics/Art from Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC).